Zenner now expected whether the charts she ended up being having fun with so you’re able to explain the mechanics of E911 program have been «proprietary,» also

Zenner now expected whether the charts she ended up being having fun with so you’re able to explain the mechanics of E911 program have been «proprietary,» also

You are going to the guy grab the maps in the street and show them to people, «in the place of violating some exclusive insight one to BellSouth enjoys?»

Zenner today noticed that the E911 File as the wrote in the Phrack was only 50 % of how big is the first E911 Document (since Prophet got purloined it). Half it absolutely was removed — modified from the Neidorf.

Zenner continued to probe. Exactly what items of training in the File had been, indeed, unknown into personal? Locations of E911 computers? Cell phone numbers to own telco group? Ongoing maintenance subcommittees? Had not Neidorf got rid of much of this?

Then pounced. «Are you presently familiar with Bellcore Technology Site Document TR-TSY-000350?» It was, Zenner told me, technically named «E911 Social Defense Reacting Point Screen Ranging from step one-1AESS Key and you may Consumer Site Gadgets.» It consisted of very detail by detail and particular technical information about new E911 Program. It was published by Bellcore and you will in public places readily available for on $20.

He presented the fresh experience an effective Bellcore collection which listed hundreds of data files away from Bellcore and you will out-of every Baby Bells, BellSouth integrated. This new collection, Zenner talked about, try 100 % free. You aren’t a credit card you certainly will name new Bellcore toll-free 800 count and simply buy these data, that will become shipped to people customers without question. And additionally, including, «BellSouth E911 Provider Connects so you can Consumer Properties Gizmos on a general public Security Responding Point.»

Phrack is the reason E911 File is stolen of her very own company’s servers, away from her own company’s text message records, that her own acquaintances authored, and you can revised, that have far work

Zenner provided brand new witness a copy of «BellSouth E911 Provider Interfaces,» which cost, when he discussed, $thirteen, from the newest inventory. «Look at it carefully,» he advised Ms. Williams, «and you will let me know if this will not include in the double the more information regarding the E911 program regarding BellSouth than featured anyplace for the Phrack. «

«Bring a mindful look,» Zenner carried on. «Consider one to document, and you can let me know when you are done considering they in the event that, in fact, it does not contain much more detailed information concerning E911 program than just appeared in Phrack. «

Thus far, the fresh prosecution’s circumstances ended up being gutshot. Ms. Williams are troubled. The woman dilemma is quite legitimate. Phrack had not been taken from people in public places readily available Bellcore document.

Was in fact they public record information, such maps, about PSAPs, ALIs, nodes, regional avoid switches?

However the «value» of the File had been blown to smithereens. It was not really worth eighty grand. Centered on Bellcore it was well worth thirteen cash. In addition to looming possibility this purportedly presented is faster within the instants to help you a scarecrow. Bellcore by itself was promoting situation far more outlined and «hazardous,» in order to kod rabatowy chathour individuals which have a credit card and you will a telephone.

Indeed, Bellcore was not giving this article to just individuals. It gave they in order to anybody who asked, not many did query. Few people knew you to Bellcore got a free directory and you can an 800 amount. John Nagle knew, however, certainly the average adolescent phreak did not understand. «Tuc,» a buddy of Neidorf’s and you may sometime Phrack factor, understood, and Tuc was actually very beneficial into the cover, behind-the-scenes. Nevertheless the Legion out of Doom failed to see — if not, they will never have wasted really time raiding dumpsters. Cook did not discover. Foley didn’t understand. Kluepfel didn’t discover. The best give off Bellcore realized not really what the fresh new left hand is actually undertaking. Best hands is actually battering hackers as opposed to compassion, given that left hand try publishing Bellcore’s mental property to some one who was shopping for phone technical trivia — frequently, a pathetic few.