Figure 3 as well as suggests that brand new quiddity of websites memes is regarding the which cohesiveness-uniqueness nexus

Figure 3 as well as suggests that brand new quiddity of websites memes is regarding the which cohesiveness-uniqueness nexus

Shape step three shows to your a beneficial scatter plot chart the key positive dating amongst the quiddity concreteness regarding meme families therefore the cohesiveness and uniqueness of their generic properties

As shown, meme family that have been seen to be the most natural was indeed including men and women revealing original unique content and means functions (R dos = .83). Such, “Also Damn Higher” uniquely works together governmental situations, as well as in “Pictures of the day,” really circumstances included both visual and sounds changes.

It screens around three quantities of quiddity concreteness, demonstrating one to meme family which have an incredibly visible and real quiddity (an object or a specific reputation) and additionally had a tendency to have significantly more cohesive and you will unique content, involvement, and you may form common attributes. The brand new extraordinary high scores of “Celebrity Conflicts Child” exemplify this loved ones. This new consistent presence of special sword on the vast majority away from days offered this meme household members a concrete quiddity. But meanwhile, a few of the occasions was indeed very similar to each other when you look at the the new simple means, involvement, and you may blogs attributes, writing on the fresh new apparently book things away from fights.


Inside investigation, i working a massive-scale investigation to investigate new themes and formations underpinning Sites meme channels. Our departure point are a theoretic difference in one or two forces you to join websites memes together: the specific quiddities of their own loved ones as well as the common attributes of your own wide meme culture. We strived not just to promote a descriptive breakdown of these types of forces, as well as to spell it out the way they try linked to each other, and also to the structure regarding meme sites. This new results associated with exploratory attempt subscribe the latest literary works on internet sites memes in lots of theoretic and you will methodological domain names, because the summarized below.

Distinguishing common quiddity brands: Our very own investigation shown four brand of quiddities – target, particular profile, common character, step, and terminology. The fact step is the most typical is very discussing: In many cases, it displayed the latest embodied characteristics of sites memes, and therefore create towards performances of individuals who imitate others in the personal fields (Shifman, 2013 ). Imitating an action for the a person’s very own method incontri sui 30 come uomo is mostly easy to create as well as the layout is not difficult knowing (Lewis, 2012 ). As such, it might be the a welcoming cure for is on your own into the memetic replace.

Distinguishing new main-stream (and you will periphery) of the memetic areas: We laid out brand new conventional of meme culture from the describing probably the most popular stuff, contribution, and mode attributes of prominent websites memes as well as their era. Supporting earlier qualitative findings (Milner, 2012 , 2013c), it absolutely was found that white male children and you will young people was in fact the typical people oftentimes. Preferred people, dinner, and you may the brand new news had been the most frequent subjects, if you’re governmental blogs is way less prevalent. These results validate before conversations of your “whimsical” gist of internet memes and their strong organization to pop society (Knobel & Lankshear, 2007 ; Shifman, 2012 ).

This new cohesiveness and you will individuality of meme group: Because of the difference in quiddity and you can universal features, the fresh cohesiveness off a beneficial meme household members regarding simple content, involvement, and you will setting is not guaranteed. The results indicate that regardless of if meme household are usually cohesive, the degree of cohesiveness differs anywhere between family. A central element that individuals found to be coordinated with this variability try individuality, or distance regarding the conventional. The greater number of novel good meme loved ones is, the more the brand new similarity of functions one of its instances. So it finding validates what we tagged once the individuality-cohesiveness pendulum: It shows that the essential stress anywhere between communality and you can characteristics underpinning users’ motivations is additionally manifested on the networking sites off memes one to they generate.