Family and you will Networks out-of Internet sites Memes: The partnership Between Cohesiveness, Individuality, and you can Quiddity Concreteness

Family and you will Networks out-of Internet sites Memes: The partnership Between Cohesiveness, Individuality, and you can Quiddity Concreteness

This research utilizes an enormous-size decimal study to reveal structural habits of internet sites memes, centering on dos pushes you to definitely join him or her with her: new quiddities of every meme members of the family and the universal popular features of the wide memetic fields. Having fun with posts and you may network investigation off 1013 meme hours (and additionally movies, photographs, and you can text message), i talk about memes’ prevalent quiddity sizes and you will simple provides, in addition to ways in which they interact with one another. All of our conclusions demonstrate that (a) highest cohesiveness of meme parents is with the an elevated uniqueness of its generic features; and you may (b) the latest concreteness out of meme quiddities is actually associated with cohesiveness and you can uniqueness. We talk about the ramifications of them results into the understanding of internet sites memes and you may participatory culture.

Parents and Channels out-of Websites Memes: The connection Ranging from Cohesiveness incontri uomini sikh, Individuality, and you will Quiddity Concreteness

Websites memes, bits of digital blogs that give around the web in almost any iterations, features has just started scholarly focus across multiple areas (Bennett & Segerberg, 2012 ; Milner, 2012 ; Shifman, 2013 ). Although many education grab a qualitative approach to examining the cultural meaning of memes, on the after the article i apply high-level quantitative investigation so you can reveal some rules and you can regularities underpinning which evidently disorderly industries. Memes is a part of the latest painful “web diet” of a lot Internet users, casually appearing inside visits to help you systems including Youtube, Facebook, and Reddit. The memetic active is actually far from becoming shallow. They require different profiles around the world to execute inside concert, creating and you will releasing stuff inside the numerous differences with each other divergent platforms, while keeping their attraction and preferred attributes.

This papers is aimed at dropping light how Web sites memes remain tied up with her despite its vibrant and you may lively contexts out-of articulation. In its very first region we set the back ground for the expedition from the reflecting the stress amongst the popular features of private meme times, meme families, and the entire memetic circle. I explain web sites memes as sets of digital textual devices created and written by of several players, that are bound together because of the a couple forces: (a) a provided quiddity which is certain to every household members, constituting the only 1 essence; and (b) alot more general properties regarding function, articles, and you may position you to definitely mark toward events of the “meme people.” Strengthening about abstract difference, i present in another part the latest tries guiding this study: to provide a summary and you can data of your own commonplace quiddities and universal options that come with web sites memes in order to research the newest associations between them. Particularly, we wish to have a look at the partnership involving the cohesiveness out-of meme family members (we.elizabeth., the the total amount to which days are similar to one another), the new individuality of your general attributes underpinning her or him, while the concreteness of your own quiddities joining them. To address these types of needs, we working blogs investigation toward an extensive try off meme circumstances, next additional statistical and you may system study. About concluding part, i talk about exactly how our very own investigation, according to the theoretical distinction between quiddities and you can standard features, sheds light into the dualities away from “networked selves” constituting contemporary electronic cultures.

Meme Family and you will Joining Quiddities

The phrase meme is actually created from the Richard Dawkins throughout the Selfish Gene ( 1976 ) to describe short tools from people you to definitely bequeath out-of individual person of the copying otherwise simulation. Predicated on so it first conceptualization, memes is generally conceptual info, texts otherwise methods. Memetic diffusion will be based upon a combination of repetition and version: Once the capability to reproduce memes in different contexts is actually simple to their success, re-development needs to be versatile enough to adjust to altering factors. This state out of flux causes a tendency to establish memes simply retrospectively, after they provides propagated. Therefore, including, the initial five notes out-of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony were defined as a good meme merely when they moved to many areas of this new business and was included inside the a wide array of cultural items comprising adverts, child’s programming, and video clips (Blackmore, 1999 ).